God? Could you p1ss on the other end of the country for a change?

We had 3 times our normal amount of rain in July. That followed a similarly soggy May and June. How is August starting? You’ve got it. It’s raining.

I know it doesn’t do any good to complain but it’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to.


4 thoughts on “God? Could you p1ss on the other end of the country for a change?

  1. Karen Siegel

    Y’know, I’ve kinda been wondering about that myself. I’m from New York originally (an area where we get approximately 33% of the available sunshine during the year), and now live in NJ, but I’m in Atlanta this summer on assignment.
    Now, last time I was in Georgia it was late fall and early winter. “Come to Atlanta,” they said. “It’s nice here in winter.”
    There was FROST on my car in OCTOBER. If I’d wanted frost on my car in October, I could’ve stayed in NJ for that – I didn’t have to come to Georgia.
    And now I’m here for the summer – pretty here in summer, they said – and all it seems to do is rain..and rain…and rain some more…and then for a change it rains….

  2. bryan

    Hey, after a 7 year drought, everyone is moaning about the rain. Maybe the rain follows Karen around. Personally, I think you should all talk to Eric at the Fire Ant Gazette in Midland, Texas. There are a lot worse places you could be. 🙂

  3. Arguing with signposts...

    Quit yer complainin’

    Mike’s complaining that we’re getting too much rain here in the southeast (South Carolina to be specific). The weather pattern these days is sunny in the morning, thundershowers in the afternoons. Growing up along the Texas Gulf Coast, I’m used…

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