The Object of Her Obsession


The del Sol in Charleston.

Turns out it really is that color.

Update:  I got to see the look in her eyes today and to hear her talk about how much fun she had, so I guess it was all worth it.


6 thoughts on “The Object of Her Obsession

  1. LightandDark

    Cool Wheels.
    But that colour??????
    Hard to celieve somebody paid for a custom paint job and actually chose that colour on purpose.
    Californians… *shakin’ head in disbelief**
    Glad she’s home safe. Let us know how the strangling goes 😉

  2. Mike

    I guess you have to either be from California or much younger than me to like the color. And yes, the car is fast. She doesn’t need anymore points on her license at the moment.

  3. Teresa

    Ahhhh! I can now relax. Mike, Mike, Mike; the stories I wanted to tell you! But now that she is safely home, I’ll just save them… for the next time.
    BTW: I sort of like the color.

  4. pops

    Hey I learned how to drive in my parents’ 1971 Ford Maverick which was sort of the flat non-gloss version of that color.
    Yupp – the Maverick – can you say three on the tree?

  5. Da Goddess

    Better than my rotten mustard colored 1971 Maverick. What is it about Mavericks and learning to drive? I was just very relieved when mine ended up crushed and looking like Lambchop….and replaced!


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