You asked for it

Mikesass You have no idea how much it cost me to have youngest daughter take this photo. I’ll just say that it involved a big bribe and a promise to not phone DSS. She also promised to not laugh, but she lied (not that I could blame her.)


3 thoughts on “You asked for it

  1. Vickie aka Sweet N Sassy

    Is this the begining of the ad campaign to put your fortune to use, a cute butt. I go eyes first then butt just in case you are interested….well I mean that is where my eyes travel on a male…gee that ABC Prtime Time Life go to me Thursday night…

  2. Alison

    Wow, I can’t believe you actually risked humiliation in front of your daughter, and posted that photo.
    The concept of jello wrestling with you has just taken on a whole new meaning.


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