It’s not that cold here

Justine loves that hat.


Notice the flair?  Bonus points go to those of you who know what flair is. (And which cult fav made it famous.)

Justine is typing on her laptop in this photo.  She’s IMing me and asking why I’m taking her photo.  Such is life in the noughts.  I guess I need to get used to it.

Update:  This is very, very, extremely important.  Justine wants you to know that her thighs aren’t that big.  They just look that way because of the angle I took the photo from.  Now that I’ve told you, maybe she’ll put the machete down.


10 thoughts on “It’s not that cold here

  1. Sallie

    The bookshelves are great{!}{they are on my Christmas List!} …and the button says? I would guess if I lived in your house I might be IMing you too… with “flair” 😛

  2. Mike

    I have no idea what those buttons say. Applebee’s makes her wear them and they change from time to time depending on what beer they’re pushing. The bookshelves are from IKEA, the greatest store ever. Yes, even better than Target.

  3. Alison

    So what I meant was, everyone knows that your thighs look bigger in photos, so if they don’t look big there, then they’re not at all big.
    Oh never mind. Justine! You look great! Love the hat!

  4. Jeremy

    I think the appropriate statement would be that her ankles don’t look as fat as Jennifer Aniston–obscure Friends reference mixed with the obvious Office Space reference.


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