The First (that I know of) Charleston Blogger-Con

Bloggers Joan and Gene hosted lunch for Lee and me today in the cafeteria at St. Francis Hospital, where they both work.

(Thanks to Joan for the photo since the one taken with my camera came out fuzzy.)


From left to right are Joan, me, Gene, and Lee.

It was fun meeting people that I felt like I already knew, somewhat, through their blogs.  We didn’t talk about blogging much, if at all.  Instead we spent the time telling stories and getting to know each other better.  I hope we can do this on a regular basis, and find other Charleston bloggers to join us.


12 thoughts on “The First (that I know of) Charleston Blogger-Con

  1. Allan

    Looks like you had a really good time. But Lee needs to smile more.
    I’ve discovered there are a lot of Lexington bloggers, and a local blogger group at meetup, but apparently they don’t bother to meet up.

  2. Elizabeth

    I am a Charleston, SC blogger and also Lee’s wife.
    Pretty cool how quick you got that photo up.
    Keep the lunches up I would love to meet some Charlestonians.

  3. Mike

    Lee smiles. The camera just caught him at the wrong moment. Poor guy, though. I don’t think Joan, Gene, or I let him get more than a few words in.

  4. Alison

    If I weren’t so tired I could think of a few captions for this photo.
    Cool idea, a meetup. Guess I’ll see myself at the local café tomorrow at 6 pm.

  5. Margaret

    Nice photo! Has anyone ever told you that you have an elfin grin? Are you Irish? By the way, that’s a compliment! (don’t know how old you are, but that grin makes you look very boyish)

  6. pops

    At the two Seattle gatherings I’ve been too there hasn’t been too much talk about blogging either.
    Great picture. I like seeing all the other bloggers who are 26 years old just like me and Mom.


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