Is it me or do days seem to get darker this time of year?

I hadn’t planned on mentioning this until after Christmas but since my brother has already alluded to it, I guess I will now.

Like Thanksgiving, Christmas this year will be subdued.  (If you remember, Justine and I celebrated Thanksgiving on Tuesday instead of Thursday and ate Italian instead of turkey while we pretended that it was just another night out.)


My sister, Jo Ann, is flying down on the 23rd because she doesn’t want to spend this Christmas in a house full of memories.  We’ll head straight from the airport to a two-bedroom oceanfront villa I’ve rented at the Wild Dunes Resort on the Isle of Palms.  We’ll spend then through at least half of Christmas Day sitting on the beach reading books, watching the waves break, and pretending that we aren’t thinking about Paul. 

After that we’ll head back to the house (which is sans decorations and a tree) to meet up with the girls, who will have spent the last few days with their Mom, to open presents.  The days will start to get brighter on the 27th when we celebrate my 56th birthday and everyone, including me, will have a good laugh.  (How did you manage to live this long?  Beats the hell out of me!)

Life goes in cycles.  Last Christmas was one of the best ever.  This Christmas will be different.  Next Christmas will be part of the next up-swing.  I promise.


5 thoughts on “Is it me or do days seem to get darker this time of year?

  1. Margaret

    I’m so sorry. You have planned very creatively though and are trying to make the best of it, as much as you can. As much as anyone can who is facing the holidays without a loved one.

  2. kerry

    Mike, I know what you’re going through. Soon, it will be 12 years since my mother died. This was her favorite time of year, and everything reminds me of her. The first Christmas after was horrible, and it’s gotten easier each year. I don’t miss her any less; I just am able to deal with it better. She’d be terribly disappointed if I let it ruin her favorite holiday forever, but, I must admit, I’m not the Christmas person I used to be.


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