Cat Blog Friday

Fireworks?  You didn’t say anything about fireworks.  You’d better sleep with one eye open tonight.



7 thoughts on “Cat Blog Friday

  1. Seuss

    I’m assuming Psycho likes the fireworks about as much as my dog Scout? Because Scout has pretty much that *exact* same look on her face tonight.

  2. Modulator

    Friday Ark

    Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday. I’ll post links to sites that have Friday (or shortly thereafter) photos of their chosen animals as I see them (no photoshops and no humans). Leave a comment or trackback to this post and I’ll add yours to the li…

  3. Carrie

    I actually have a cat sleeping with only one eye open right now 😉 Poor thing is in pain with the other one swollen. Ugh
    Love the kitty pic!


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