Day 3


Someone has lost his will to live, poor baby.


11 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Bet

    Mike, you almost make me want a cat! your blow-by-blow descriptions with pictures has been hilarious. Should I feel sorrier for Psycho or for you?

  2. mollie coos coos

    *psst! dude! start working out with the collar and think of how much mischief you can make once it comes off! it will improve your balance, reach, and dexterity. but don’t bite the big guy again, fella. it’s much more subtle to pee on the bed, by where he puts his feet, right after it’s made. it’ll be dry by the time he gets back in it, and a day or so before the smell really starts to ripen.
    and if anyone asks you, you never saw me here*
    mollie coos

  3. LittleMike

    Mike… you must go to Petsmart and get a big collar and get a pic of you two side by side. Show him you really feel for him. Let him see you suffer too.

  4. Jeff

    My dog Major (a boxer from the 2nd litter of puppies we had – in 1985) had a “lampshade” as we called it back when I was in middle school when he had an encapsulated tumor removed from each of his back legs – a common malady in boxers we were told.
    After the first night he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep and was generally miserable. My parents called the vet the next day and told him they were cutting it off and would watch him to make sure he didn’t lick the stitches and he never did.
    The next time he had surgery (for another recurrence of cancer in the same place) there was no lampshade.

  5. 2 Things @ Once

    My Conehead

    Not to be outdone by Mike’s cat Psycho, Maisy is sporting her own funnel collar. It’s what all the hep cats are wearing these days. She’s learning to navigate with the collar on better now–it’s been on since Tuesday.


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