Happy Birthday, Briar!

BriarToday is Briar’s 24th birthday.  She, her boyfriend, and 18 or so of their closest friends celebrated last night at SEA, Briar’s favorite Thai restaurant, in Brooklyn.  (She must have had fun because when I phoned her at 1 this afternoon she’d just gotten up. 🙂  She and her boyfriend are going to take me, my sister, and my brother to SEA when we visit her at the end of the month.

Briar (a Notoriously Nice posse member) has been living in Manhattan for the last 15 months, after graduating from the College of Charleston.  For the first 12 months she wasn’t sure that she liked the NY lifestyle (or weather), but lately she’s become a real New Yorker (with a South Carolina accent.)  🙂  The last she told me, she’ll stick around after graduating in June from the Pastry Arts program at the Art Institute of New York City.  (She’s already finished the Culinary Arts program.)

I won’t give you her email address since she doesn’t need a spammer finding it, but you can leave her your best wishes here. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Briar!

  1. Sue

    Happy Birthday Briar!
    A beautiful name for a beautiful woman! Enjoy New York! I will be anxiously awaiting your food blog!

  2. Margaret

    Happy Birthday and can you make me some French pastries, Briar? I am a particular fan of palmiers and Mille-Feuilles pralines. Otherwise, I will just have to go back to France!


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