Many thanks to Sissy for this catch.

Google Maps now has satellite images.  For some reason I can’t save the photo of my neighborhood (copyright problems, maybe?) but if you go to Google Maps, click on Satelitte in the upper-right corner, and type 5 Jawol Dr, Charleston, SC 29414 in the search field, you’ll see my house.  It’s the one just under the Icon_1. The lake is on the right and the 15th fairway is on the left.

Yes, I know that I’ve just given my address to potential stalkers but at my age having a stalker would be amusing.  It wasn’t so amusing in 1998 when I had a real stalker, but that’s a story best left for later.  She may still be out there.


9 thoughts on “Kewl!

  1. LittleMike

    No, you can’t move. I like your golf course. I scored well on it last time we played. Well, if I were keeping score, it would have been better than usual.

  2. Mike

    I miss my stalker. The last time she phoned me, in ’98, she suggested that we try something that involved props and which is probably illegal in most southern states. Looking back, it might have made for a great weekend.

  3. LittleMike

    Terraserver used to let you download pictures, but this is different. They are using JavaScript. It is a Java object, so you can’t right click on it. You could use a screen-shot and crop it. Be sure to give them full credit though, I don’t want them sueing you.

  4. Alison

    Okay, over here in Fraaahnce, I can’t see a damned thing, but the fact that you live on Jawol Drive has me cracking up.
    Jawohl, Herr Courtney!
    A little German might go a long way with your stalker, hey. (It’s just an idea).


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