You won’t see this in a Ziploc ad

Because the vet couldn’t coax a stool sample out of Psycho on Tuesday (the scientific term she used was, "He’s empty"), she gave me a plastic bag and told me to collect his next deposit in the litter box.  Although Psycho rarely uses his litter box (he’s an outdoor sort of guy), I gave him a couple of chances to do the right thing.  After that didn’t work I locked him in last night to force the issue.  That pissed him off, and he let me know it hourly through the night, but it worked.  I dropped this off at the vets’ this morning:


Psycho Courtney  I love it!  It’s a nice counterbalance to Notoriously Nice.  Actually, that’s how he is listed in the vets’ computer system.  I wonder if I can use that to get him a social security card, a driver’s license, and a passport.  If I ever need to flee the country, I can’t think of a better identity to assume than that of Psycho Courtney.  Image the tales I could fabricate for the ladies in Rio’s bars.  "Yes, darling, I got that scar when I wrestled a mad rhino to the ground in Mozambique.  The poor bugger didn’t stand a chance against Psycho Courtney."

Eat your heart out, Crocodile Hunter.


2 thoughts on “You won’t see this in a Ziploc ad

  1. pops

    My odl boss spent 25 years in the Coast Guard. He’d sneak up behind you and say, “Congratualtions – your my LSJO for today! Do you know what LSJO stands for? Little S/hitty Jobs Officer!”
    Enjouy your LSJO tour and tell Psycho we said ‘hi.’

  2. Monica

    I have to confess-when I realized what picture was actually about to pop up–I agree that Psycho Courtney does sound appropriate for your next trip to Rio or Mozambique. I need to read this post to Whiskey and make him realize how respectful I am of his privacy–LOL.


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