Merry Christmas, Psycho! Again.

Four years ago I bought Psycho a cat bed to keep him from sleeping in or on random things like the sink in the guest bathroom, paper bags at the back of the pantry, or a pile of sheets I needed to wash. He loved it…until he didn't. Lately he's been sleeping on a dish cloth that fell off of the kitchen counter and that I didn't have the heart to pick up.

I bought him a new cat bed today and he loves it. The cycle begins again.



5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Psycho! Again.

  1. Mike

    This bed is slightly larger than the one he used to sleep in. After 8 years I’ve come to the conclusion that cats prefer to sleep on something new when they get the chance. No doubt Psycho will tire of this bed just like he did the old bed.


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