You never want to hear your barber say, “Oh My God!”

I went to the barber shop to get my usual haircut. #4 clipper all over, neaten the sides and back. I had my eyes closed to keep stray hair from blowing in them and that's when I heard the young lady cutting my hair say what I never wanted to hear. The #4 blade guard had fallen off of the clipper, which proceeded to shave a 5" long, 2" wide swath across the top of my head from back-to-front. Where there should have been 1/2" long hair there was 1 mm long hair, and lots of white skin. Once the shock wore off I knew that there was nothing left to do except to have her shave my whole head.

I don't plan on wearing a hat when I go out. It's not a good look for me but it's hair. It will grow back to a less silly length in a few weeks. I should probably go out in the sun for 10 or 15 minutes a day until I get at least a little tan up there. If I need to be out for longer than that I'll spray on some sunscreen.

She didn't charge me for the haircut, not that I would have paid if she'd tried. But I will be looking for a new barber shop.

Here's the money shot:



4 thoughts on “You never want to hear your barber say, “Oh My God!”

  1. Margaret

    You actually have a very nicely shaped head. But it doesn’t look like you, just like my husband didn’t look like himself when he shaved his head. Now I’m used to it, sort of.

  2. chuck boyd

    The “Lex Luther” look.
    On a whim last year I asked for a “flat top.” Hadn’t had one in more than 30 years. As she started cutting I thought she complimented me and I said “thank you.”
    What she said was “er..Chuck, you have very fine hair.”
    I didn’t look quite as hairless as you, but close. It grew back in time.


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